Thank you for the thousands of votes cast in Mascot Madness. We started with over countless nominations and last night we proudly announced the winner. According to National Geographic: "Bobcats may look cute and cuddly, but these felines that live throughout North America can leap as far as 12 feet to catch prey and have been known to take down much larger animals. …The wild feline is about twice as big as a house cat and a lot faster. It can run at speeds up to 25 to 30 miles an hour, and it’s skilled at swimming.” Our goal as we build Region 20 will be to live up to the description of the Bobcat. We may not be the biggest but we are going to surprise many with everything that we can accomplish. Welcome to the Home of the Bobcats. Our next adventure awaits.
6 months ago, LPS & RSD6
Our Wellness classes packaged amaryllis plants to give to our America Reads Volunteers.
7 months ago, Jacqueline Hamilton
Our Kindergarteners are celebrating the 100th day of school!
8 months ago, Jacqueline Hamilton
100 days
100 days
Members of our JMS Student Council put together treat bags for our Morris Holiday Celebration on Sunday.
10 months ago, Jacqueline Hamilton
Student council
Our JMS Families collected over 500 items for the Morris Food Bank.
11 months ago, Jacqueline Hamilton
Morris Food Bank Donations
Please help Travis Lipinsky win the Gametime CT's Athlete of the Week. Voting ends Thursday, Nov. 3rd at 11:59pm. To vote please click on the link:
11 months ago, LPS & RSD6
Athlete of the Week Nominees
Our PK-5 students enjoyed a spontaneous extra recess to enjoy the beautiful fall weather.
12 months ago, Jacqueline Hamilton
Our JMS students learned about fire prevention by participating in hands-on activities organized by the Morris Fire Dept.
12 months ago, Jacqueline Hamilton
JMS students and Wellness/STEM Teacher, Mrs. Wright are back in business for 2022-23!
about 1 year ago, KC Chapman
Back in business at JMS!
SummerFest students explore coding and robotics with NextGen SmartyPants!
about 1 year ago, Andrew Buckle
Girl Coding
Coding Girl
Boy with laptop
The Sharon Audubon Society visited SummerFest today with all kinds of Connecticut critters!
about 1 year ago, Andrew Buckle
Crushed stone under the pavilion, installed by Mr. Rob Skarupa, donated by O&G Industries, delivered by the Morris Highway team, and arranged by Mrs. Margie Groht... Unbelievable generosity for our students! 🙏👏
about 1 year ago, KC Chapman
Crushed stone
New sidewalk is looking good! Much thanks to the crew working in this heat...
about 1 year ago, KC Chapman
New sidewalk out front
Reptile expert Adam Harris of Harris in Wonderland visited SummerFest along with a host of his slithering friends. Students interacted with various critters including snakes, lizards, a tortoise, a turtle and a dragon......the bearded kind!
about 1 year ago, Andrew Buckle
Gary the Gecko
Corn Snake
Litchfield Public Schools and Regional School District No. 6, Kick Off to Summer Reading. Bring a bag to fill with books to kick off your Summer of Reading. Wednesday June 8th, 3pm-7pm Litchfield High School Join our Kick Off fun, plus a visit from the ice cream truck!
over 1 year ago, Academic Office
Summer Reading Kick-Off Flyer
Get ready for the LEGO event of the year! Watch district teams take on LEGO Master on Fox Season 2 contestant, Paras Patani, in a live 5 hour build off event. May 17th, Wamogo Small Gym, 3pm-8pm. Click the link below a for video teaser.
over 1 year ago, Academic Office
Master Builder Flyer
Thank you to the Benson/ Skarupa family for making this beautiful wooden jaguar for JMS. We can’t wait to display it at events and in our foyer.
over 1 year ago, Jacqueline Hamilton
Our 5th graders are ready for their Spring Tea at the Morris Reading Room.
over 1 year ago, Jacqueline Hamilton
over 1 year ago, KC Chapman
Upcoming 4-23-22
JMS students enjoyed lunch outside today!
over 1 year ago, Jacqueline Hamilton